This is still under construction. 

Hey FTC, the links you should know about that give you information on this number and the complaint people are leaving instead of contacting you,  The links are on the bottom of this page, just start clicking on the logo's, you will see the American Individuals that are not contacting you and are sick of this.  There, I did some research for you, let us do something.

Better than nothing and it is a start.  AMERICA NEEDS NO MORE SCAMS FROM INDIANS!  This is going on way to much and no one seems to care.  I do, that is why I go out of my way to have my own servers to send you all pages you can read and watch site wide!   

Scam from phone number 1 (866) 219-5007, called me Tuesday, November 28, 2017 @ 4:00pm. I answered with listening to a pre recorded message from a person, who you could really tell, was a White American Male who was born and raised all their lives in America. You can tell who speaks English as a second language, YOU CAN!  They call is SLANG which overseas people can't get over, they just can't speak English correctly! 

The recording went on saying they were from Microsoft and they needed to fix my computer before it goes down.

Big problem here, I have been working with Microsoft since the mid 1980's people. Microsoft would NEVER call me, they would e-mail me. No reason for them to call me anyway, I chat with the Microsoft Windows Programming and Engineering Teams everyday with our Feedback Hub. I am a Microsoft Insider.

Anyway, I *69 and got the number, googled it and seen way too many reverse phone number website that had negative reviews of this number as they are a SCAM! I am thinking to myself, hey, why isn't the Federal Trade Commision, IRS, any government agency doing anything about this, THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW HERE IN AMERICA!

So, I filled out an online complaint form with the FTC, took me an hour and I know how to type, so.

This page is the result of me getting sick and tired of people from India coming over hear and doing this. Not only that, don't you think something isn't right when every gas station you see across America is owned and run by India Indians! I love Native American Indians, Don't like India Sand People, they have treated me bad, not just this phone call, Doctors. America, WAKE UP!

Anyway, here are the websites up on the net that don't like this phone number and are giving our authorities ammo to do their jobs, but they autorities aren't look at this, THEY SHOULD, SO HERE IS THE LIST, AUTHORITIES CAN JUST CLICK TH E LINKS THAT WILL OPEN ANOTHER WINDOW, HELP YA OUT AMERICAN STYLE!

Update Wednesday, November 29, 2017.  Got two more calls from this same 866-219-5007, times 11:51am est and 1:32pm est, doing the same thing with the pre recorded message and saying they are from Microsoft, THEY ARE NOT! !


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